Saturday, January 31, 2009

For the love of succulents

Ever since I included them in several of my wedding details, I've found that I adore succulents. It made my day this morning when I saw on the Fresh Dirt blog (of Sunset magazine) that there are plenty of gardeners out there who are truly passionate about them, too! They included some amazing photos, which reminds me that I need to get back to some of my plant projects just as soon as I'm done organizing my office/studio.

The blue, gray, and green tones of these succulents, combined with a container reminiscent of a big shell with gray sand and a few sea shells evoke a seascape.

And I love this one from Big Red Sun via Fresh Dirt. They call these "metros," and this one includes sea shells, seed pods, dried moss, and other natural objects and is assembled in a shallow steel container like a collage and then hung on the wall. The moss absorbs water, and the designer of this piece, Patrick Marston, says they only need a gentle spritz of water once a week. Lovely.

And how fun is this? Matt Maggio redesigned the cactus and succulent garden at Sherman Gardens in Corona del Mar, California. Among his designs he used these succulents to "paint" along a path. Via Fresh Dirt.

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