Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Living hygge

My morning blog journey took me to a place called Picnics Under the Moon. It's a new blog, started by Christiana and Aimee from Ferm Living's Clever Spaces Blog. The blog is for daily posts about living hygge and discovering joy in the smallest moments. I love that idea! For those of you asking (like I did) what is hygge (pronounced hoo-ga), it is "a Danish word that goes to the heart of living well. Hygge is anything — and everything — that creates warmth, brings joy, or gives life meaning. In a word, hygge is coziness. In a few more words, it is a rainy day on the couch buried in blankets, laughter with friends, or a cup that fits perfectly in your hands. Personal yet universal, hygge can be found in the smallest of moments when we remember to look."

Hygge is definitely a concept I'm trying to achieve in my own life right now, so I'll be checking in on this blog frequently!

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