Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sadie Bug

I've kept quiet about her for long enough, this little creature that makes me smile. She is not shy—far from it, in fact—but for some reason she always seems to duck and dodge the camera lens. But today I managed to get a good photo of her.

So, this is The Bug. Sadie Bug is her proper name, and I'll use just Sadie when I'm being formal (or yelling at her to get her butt back in the house). But, on most occasions, she's The Bug. Sometimes, she's The Bad Bug. And when she's at my parents' house and is around her sister, Lucy, she's quite often The Thug Bug. But I love her.

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  1. Great! weims are the best, I have three. One is named Harley aka Harley "bug". Funny how we always nickname them huh. Their blog if you want to laugh at some dorks! I enjoy your blog....


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