Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wishing for a xeric garden

It may be January, but my husband and I are planning some pretty huge landscaping projects for this spring. Actually, I’m the one doing the planning—my poor husband has no idea what I have in store for him!

We live in western Colorado, and although we have access to plenty of irrigation water, I want a xeric garden—one that will need very little or no extra water once it’s established. My favorite source for everything green and leafy is the amazing High Country Gardens in New Mexico. The company is in Santa Fe, with several retail outlets in Albuquerque. And, luckily enough for everyone living outside of New Mexico, they also offer their plants for sale through their catalog and website.

One of the things I love most about High Country Gardens is that they offer preplanned gardens that completely take the guesswork out of choosing appropriate plants. For my project this spring, I’m planning on two large areas of flowers in the backyard and another strip of flowers along a pathway on the side of the house that gets a lot of afternoon sun. For these areas I’m going to get their (from top to bottom) cold-hardy Mediterranean garden, their August afternoons perennial garden, and the inferno strip garden. The photos of the gardens look so amazingly gorgeous, it’s going to be hard to wait a few months to order them!

And I love to have hummingbirds and butterflies in my space, so if I can also manage to prepare that patch of dirt in our front yard, I’ll get their natural nectar and hummingbird heaven samplers, too. My thumb is turning green just thinking about it.

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