Monday, February 16, 2009

Glass wine bottles

Many, many moons ago, my dad was in Italy and brought some fantastic, gigantic glass wine bottles for my mom. They are quite similar to the ones in this photo below, from Remodelista. I've always loved them, but I haven't yet figured out a way to smuggle them out of the house without my mom noticing...

In the past few days I've seen several similar bottles--as well as some smaller, more manageable versions--online. I'm always on the lookout for lovely glass bottles, cannisters, and vases, but the fact that I've seen so many of these bottles recently is probably a sign that I should try to snatch my mom's bottles when I see her this weekend. :)

Yep, my parents' bottles look almost identical to these 19th century 10-liter French wine bottles/carboys, above. Only $285 each at Ruby Lane (via Remodelista)

Here's a smaller (i.e., less expensive) version from Origin Crafts (via Remodelista)

Rummaging around the Origin Crafts website, I also found this wonderful hanging vase, above, which is available in several other colors.

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  1. Where can I purchase the enormous glass bottles like the ones in your pictures?


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