Thursday, February 12, 2009

Paper heart

My husband and I agreed not to exchange gifts for Valentine's day this year. Part of the reason is that we're both on diets (no chocolate!), but we've also noticed that one of our favorite restaurants in our small town has been struggling a bit lately. Even though our area's local economy is still strong, I think people are hesitant to spend too many nights out just in case a job loss is around the corner. We've also really cut back on eating out (that diet thing, again), but we decided that we'd skip the Valentine's gifts and instead do our part to support the restaurant by having dinner there a few times this month.

I still wanted to have something to give him on the most romantic of all days, but it needed to be free if I am to follow the rules. So, I used up some old paper (the most masculine I could find that still included some pink) and made a cute little paper heart pouch using instructions I found over at Maya Made. I still haven't decided what I'll put in it. I thought about putting in a few hershey kisses, but that would break several rules. Then I thought about writing a short love poem or quote, but I haven't found any that I really like. Any suggestions?

Anyway, here's what my paper heart looks like. You can find the directions and other samples over at Maya's blog. Be sure to check out all her other great heart-themed projects, too!

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