Monday, March 9, 2009

March madness

Have I mentioned lately that I have spring fever? I'm not the only one. One week of 70-degree days and even the peach and cherry trees by our house think it's spring now. Their buds are swelling and the owners of the orchards are holding their breath because we're due for near-freezing temperatures this whole week.

But I'm not letting a little bit of cold slow me down. It's pure madness around here in the garden department. I finally have pretty much all the seeds I wanted to buy (and many others that somehow made their way into my shopping bag). I even have a head start on gathering seeds for a lot of my flowers. My husband cringes every time I mention I've been to the nursery again. He thinks I have enough seeds already. Hmmm. Maybe.

I just couldn't help myself so I started a few tomato seeds last week--some Brandywine and Roma. I've been keeping them near the woodburning stove so they are warm and snuggly, and now I have several little seedlings growing and doing their thing. I am constantly amazed that these things can go from a tiny little seed to something like this in just a few days. Mother Nature is amazing.

This week I will get serious with the garden planning, and will get ready to get my cool weather crops started.

Oh, I also recently bought a fun new book about square foot gardening. Intriguing name, no? It's very interesting stuff, and I figured I'd give it a try this year. Stay tuned for more details.

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  1. Thanks. yes they are my full time goobers. I wish we only had four some days!!- it would be pretty quiet around here!! We gave our best friends the little red (foster) beagle for a five day trial... let's just say she came back quickly. It was extremely quiet and trouble free without just her! That sign made me almost wreck my car laughing at it so hard! How ironic it is a nationwide thing ~gotta love the stupid dogs.. Enjoy your week hopefully it doesn't freeze.


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