Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Paris bathroom

I love the idea of a shower that you can walk into without having to open and close a door.

We're getting ready to finish remodeling our house, which will include converting our attached garage to a master suite. I originally wanted to have a separate tub and shower, with a shower that you could walk into, but we just lacked the space for it.

Now that we've been dealt a minor setback (we have to put in a new septic system before we can get a permit to add another bedroom), I have more time to go back and second-guess our decision to do a tub/shower combo. And I've been obsessing over this bathroom (from an apartment in Paris) since I saw it yesterday over at Lime in the Coconut. I especially love the stone wall and the neutral colors. Not to mention the enormous windows and all that natural sunlight!

Love it.

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  1. Yep...it's loverly!
    We have a shower you just walk in...well you actually step down two steps, but no door or curtain. Once in awhile the floor is wet. But much less to clean, plus makes the small room feel bigger (we did it in subway tile)


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