Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 11

Fred removed the garage door today. In fact, he removed the whole entire wall.

And then he started to build a new one.

Tomorrow they will start the first day of concrete, filling in the trenches for the plumbing inside, and pouring a new 16" footer around the perimeter of the old garage. Next Monday or Tuesday they will do a second pour of concrete to bring the old garage floor up about 4" or so to be level with the current house floor.

Fred installed the two new windows in the living room yesterday. I helped him move them over from the workshop and put them in place. I realized I need to work on my upper body strength.

The Big Dig continued today. That should be finished tomorrow, and inspected on Monday. Then I need to find a home for a bunch of dirt. And rocks. Man, he dug up some big rocks.

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