Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have always loved stone buildings. And this one is no exception.

It's Ma(i)sonry, in Napa Valley. And I love it.

It dates to the early 1900s and was recently restored. In its current form as Ma(i)sonry, it's described as a "living gallery" that serves as a stylized backdrop for the appreciation of limited production boutique wines.

They have fun things like UFO Water Crystal Chandeliers.

And gorgeous furniture. I'd have a wicked good nap in this black chaise, even without the benefit of that glass of wine!

Found on Remodelista.

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  1. Oh Melissa I love stone too!!
    And this is in my backyard. I just want to jump in the car & go. But the last time (2 months ago) I spent money that I didn't have. Not alot but....
    So I have banned myself from the Napa Valley for now. I can't be trusted there :) Not even to window shop or drive thru....


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