Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 21

On Friday, Dan The Framer finished all the framing.

He added a door. Right now it just leads to a bunch of mud. But one day it will lead to a beautiful flagstone patio with gorgeous flowers and a water feature nearby. One day...

We added two new windows to the wall where the garage door had been. I had a bit of buyer's remorse at first because they're a little small (3' x 4'), but I'm over it now. Their only purpose is to bring in light (because the view of the big metal workshop isn't that exciting), and they do their job well.

Dan also finished the short wall where double sinks will go, and he replaced the window on that side of the house.

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  1. Oh...Love the door and can *see* your gardens and flagstone path. This IS a big job!! Fun to watch step by step.


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