Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 73

Last night the husband helped me grout the tub surround in the master bathroom. Three days to cure and some sealer and we'll be ready for shower land again! Unfortunately, the blue-green of the glass tile isn't very clear in the photo.

When I was done cleaning the tub, I couldn't resist any longer--I took off my shoes and climbed into the tub. This thing is made for some seriously long soaks! It is crazy how comfortable it is, and the back support and arm rests are amazing.

And finally, after 73 days of home improvement, I finally have some real life improvement. Oh, how I've missed the twins!


  1. You are coming down the home stretch, sister! Beautiful tile job! Time to get out of the tub...

  2. I can just hear the 'ah' as you step in for your first soak! Keep of the good work!


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