Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mine house

Wow. Now this is cool. An old sandstone mine 45 feet under the forest floor has been turned into a house. From a distance I've seen another house like this, built into a cliff outside of Grand Junction, CO (and my husband has his eye on a plot of land in Ouray that includes a huge cliff that would be perfect for a house like this!). I've always wondered what it would be like inside. Maybe it's a little bit like this place.

This place is 17,000 square feet! A spring that runs between the forest and the top of the house deposits about 150 gallons of water a day into a pond filled with goldfish. That's awesome.

The house has three main areas: the main quarters, about 2,000 square feet at the front; a middle chamber of 720 square feet with ceilings that are 25 feet high (awesome) that is used as storage, laundry room, and playroom; and the innermost chamber which was (how cool is this?) formerly a 1950s roller skating rink where the kids ride bikes and skateboards. (Awesome.)

From Apartment Therapy, found via Dude Craft.


  1. nope
    I have been inside this "house". I did a story on it when he was trying to sell it on ebay. It is located in Festus Missouri.
    The place is kinda gross. not to burst your bubble. It is run down which you can not see in the photos. It is like he got to almost having it finished and then just stopped the final touches. The cave sheds its 'skin', which leaves sand everywhere, on everything, in our hair, sticking to our skin- leaving a icky feeling....spiders/webs everywhere.

    The humidity in the cave is horrible, my reporter was sick for a while from the stagnant air, i had breathing issues for about two weeks as well.. as you have above the cave is split into three sections.

    The first section is the living space, the middle is stacked full with crap, the third section is dark and dank and wet over most of the floor. The humidity in that back section is lung crushing.

    The spring is plopped out right in the room and he has just randomly placed rocks out to surround it. You can kinda see one of the rocks in the lower right corner of the bottom photo. That could have been done so much differently and cooler!

    The photo's must have been when it was new cause it is all cluttered and kinda trashed up a bit. I would pass if I were you.... :)sorry

  2. What a bummer! How sad that they've cluttered up the place and let it get so run down. Now that you mention it, the humidity would be a real drag. My hair loves humidity so much that it grows to five times its normal puffiness! :)


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