Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monte says no number 7

This is a post for all of you out there who love four-legged animals, especially the kind with wagging tails and milk bone breath.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the story of the football player, Michael Vick, and the pit bulls that he had.

Shane Rocket received international attention a while back when she allowed her dog Monte to chew up some Michael Vick playing cards that she then posted on Ebay. She raised $7,400 that was donated to two shelters in her local area. And she walks the walk, too. She currently has seven dogs that she's rescued, including some Weimaraners. You can read about them at her blog, My Dog Farm.

Now that Michael Vick is out of jail, Monte has started his own blog, dogs against vick. Monte and his mom hope to get more followers than Michael Vick has. If you're interested, head over there and become a follower. And, if you're interested in making a donation, they've set it up so that you can make a secure donation through PayPal. Each $100 that is collected will be donated to a shelter or sanctuary that the readers can vote on.

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