Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rehabbed Airstream

A while back I saw some old Airstream trailers that had been completely refinished inside. Coupled with my desire for a cute trailer to take camping, it seemed like a great idea: Buy a dump of an old trailer, refurbish it, and hit the road and do some exploring.

The husband nixed the idea. He doesn't like being limited to seeing places that are accessible to Airstream trailers.

So I tucked it away in the back of my brain, and then, a few days ago, Faryl over at City Lady Country Girl, started posting about her own little infatuation with Airstream trailers. And now it's on the front of my brain again. And so when a post about this refurbished trailer came up this morning, I knew it MUST be a sign that I am meant to have one!

So as soon as I finish the house remodel, I'll be on the lookout for an old dump of a trailer to refinish. And then I'll give it to my husband as a birthday or anniversary present, and that way he can't say no. Hee hee.

This gorgeous trailer is from MoCo LoCo, via Dude Craft.


  1. Amazing...what I can't figure out is where to find these little campers! Eventually I'd like to do one also but WHERE to find them???

  2. He sure can't build houses worth a flip aand can't operate a lawmower, so I can just imagine how well he does this. Hell no one has ever seen this jerk with a hammer in his hand, and any project undertaking consist of a crew of Mexicans who really can't stand the sight of him and have wonderful thinks to say about him.


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