Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 125

My mom is here from New Mexico again, and we're back to work on tiling the house. We're starting in our old bedroom, which will become the new guestroom. (Unless I decide I like the space so much that I take it over for my office and studio.)

We cleared out the closets and ripped up the last bit of original disgusting carpet.

Guest room day 125_r

Sadie's sister, Lucy, is here again, too. She helped by flicking fleas all over the place.

Guest room day 125_r

Last week I finally finished the tile in the main section of the new master bedroom and moved our bed over there.

Master bedroom_r

Somewhere I have a gorgeous new duvet cover (that matches the dust ruffle) that is the inspiration for the blue wall in the bedroom. Unfortunately, it's packed safely away somewhere in our workshop and I have no idea where it is right now.

Master bedroom_r

So in the meantime I pulled out one of my carpets from Afghanistan. I'm just so darn happy to have my carpets back in my life again. Someone once asked me how many carpets I bought over there. I'm embarassed to say that I don't remember. But it's a pretty obscenely high number of them. :) You'll get to meet them as we are reunited. The small mostly blue one on the side of the bed was bought at Nomad in Kabul from a very nice young guy named Rahim. His family escaped Afghanistan when the Russians came, and fled to Paris where they established a carpet shop. He later moved to New York City where he opened his own high-end carpet shop and supplied Afghan carpets to shops in Beverly Hills and Santa Fe. Around 2002/03 he went back to Kabul and opened his carpet shop, Nomad, and the best Indian and Chinese food restaurant called Anar. He drove around town in his convertible with his Afghan hounds. He was one cool cat! I bought several carpets from him.

Master bedroom_r

The large runner was actually bought in Albuquerque at a liquidation auction of an Afghan carpet dealer! I snapped it up because it went so well with my smaller carpet.

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  1. Oh boy...I am drooling over the carpets...and what a beautiful job on your saltillo tile! LOVE me some saltillo!


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