Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sadie versus The Bag

While I was working at my desk earlier today, I heard a strange noise in the living room. I walked out to find the empty dog food bag, which I left by the front door, in the middle of the living room. And Sadie was saying, "Who, me?"

Sadie Vs. The Bag 01

She tried to play it cool by having a staring contest with the bag.

Sadie Vs. The Bag 02

This went on for about 5 minutes. Who knew that staring contests could be such hard work?

Sadie Vs. The Bag 03

The bag must have won because she finally walked away and I went back to work. But a little while later I found her like this. And her crooked ear expression was telling me that she didn't know what I was talking about when I asked her what she was doing.

Sadie Vs. The Bag 04

She tried to play it cool, like she was looking at that other bag over there.

Sadie Vs. The Bag 05

Then she tried to play it even cooler, like she was looking at the other other bag over there.

Sadie Vs. The Bag 06

But she couldn't resist.

Sadie Vs. The Bag 07

It was just too tempting.

Sadie Vs. The Bag 08


Sadie Vs. The Bag 09


Sadie Vs. The Bag 10

No! Look away! And then she walked away again.

Sadie Vs. The Bag 11

But she quickly returned and walked circles around it, sizing it up before she moved in for the kill.

Sadie Vs. The Bag 12

Whatever flavor particles were left in there must have been mighty good, because she licked it and pushed it in circles for another 5 minutes or so. And then, just like magic, she managed to get her cute little snout inside the bag and lifted it up.

Sadie Vs. The Bag 13

At last! It was hers!

Sadie Vs. The Bag 14

To the victor go the spoils.

Sadie Vs. The Bag 15


  1. so cute, i love how they can entertain us endlessly!

  2. OMG I.LOVE.HER!!! ours do the same thing, well minus the courting of the bag first!!! sadie....****


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