Friday, October 2, 2009

Sadie and her binkie

I've been sitting at my desk trying to get caught up on some stuff, but I'm constantly distracted by watching Sadie with her binkie. She's just so darn cute when she's lovin' on her binkie.

Sadie and her binkie 007

And I was reminded that I took this series of photos of her a few weeks ago.

Ever since she was a puppy, Sadie has had a binkie. I used to keep a small fleece blanket on her bed when she was little, just to provide a little extra bit of snuggly for her. One day I found her sucking on the corner of the blanket and kneading it with her paws. It's a routine she's kept up to this day.

She almost always does it for a little bit in the early morning when we first get up, but she'll also do it periodically throughout the day during quiet times.

She starts out by taking a corner of it in her mouth and sucking on it while kneading it with her paws.

Sadie and her binkie 001

At first, she's usually pretty alert and watching things going on around her. When she first starts out, it sounds approximately like a hungry dairy calf going after a bottle (for those of you who never tried to raise six holstein calves the summer before you went away to school, you'll have to use your imagination...).

Sadie and her binkie 002

Slowly, her eyes start to droop and the sucking and kneading becomes less emphatic. Every now and then I'll hear a very contented sigh.

Sadie and her binkie 003

I love it when I startle her and her eyes fly open and she looks like this.

Sadie and her binkie 004

Sometimes she'll sit there just holding the binkie in her mouth, but it usually doesn't take her long to get back to business.

Sadie and her binkie 005

Then her eyes slowly start to close again...

Sadie and her binkie 006

Pretty soon her eyes close and the kneading stops.

Sadie and her binkie 007

On a really quiet day, she'll sit like that for a few minutes before falling over and going to sleep with the binkie still in her mouth.


  1. what a great series of pic! love the lighting too, she is a doll~

  2. funny none of our Wiems do this but our Wiener Dog does? bunch of silly dogs...

  3. What a beautifully photogenic and lovable binky sucking dog! Adorable!!

  4. * Just "found" this, and as a BIG ANIMAL LOVER, & "Mom" to a German Shorthaired Pointer, I couldn't resist!!! Your SADIE is T*H*E cutest patootie, & sooo darling & fun to watch w/ her binkie!!!

    I can't even BEGIN to imagine life WITHOUT a precious one like your Sadie, or our wonderful, loving Belle-girl... nope, no way, no how!!!

    Such a cute posting~~~ Plz give your Sadie licks from our Belle-girl!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  5. * P.S. Thought you'd enjoy this... our Belle will lay really HEAVILY against one of our legs once in a while, & of course she'll get lots of loving & petting, which is what she wants... She SOMETIMES gets sooooo relaxed, tho, that if the leg is MOVED, she starts to just FALL OVER! Cracks us up! Wonderful~~~ aren't our dogs just WONDERFUL??? *

  6. It's so nice that there are so many fellow dog lovers out there, and it's REALLY nice to see that other people think Sadie is as cute as I do! :) Thanks for all the nice comments about her.

    One of these days I'll have to get a video of her doing this. It's so cute I can hardly stand it.

    Linda/mom: Sadie does the exact same thing! She leans on us and also likes to stand between our legs to get more ear rubs or butt scratches.


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