Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sadie's portrait session

Last month when I took Sadie for our morning walk we had an impromptu portrait session. I forgot about the pictures until last night when I was looking for photos of something else.

It cracks me up that she was so busy looking for lizards or bunnies (or anything else to chase) that she just couldn't be bothered to look straight into the camera, no matter how many times I whistled or called her name.

Sadie Sept 05

Sadie Sept 03

Sadie Sept 02

Sadie Sept 04

Sadie Sept 01

Of all the photos I've ever taken of Sadie, I think I laughed the most at this one.

Sadie Sept 06


  1. last one IS AWESOME!!! omg i have shown everyone here at work and it is the same, cute, ahhs, until intense laughter at the end!!!!!!

  2. When I first downloaded that photo and it came up big as life on the computer screen I had a really good laugh! I'm always getting photos of her with her ears flapping or flying in the breeze, but never one that is this clear. And that curl in her tongue just cracks me up every time.


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