Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mixing ink

Most of my time lately has been spent printing, which involves mixing a lot of new ink colors. I think the inks are so beautiful as they swirl together to create a new color. Here are three of the latest colors I mixed:

Sweet pea (the color used on the cards of this week's giveaway).
Mixing ink 1

Mixing Ink 4

Mixing Ink 3

My life is also being taken over by everything I've printed. Here's what the bed in the guest room looks like right now. I'm waiting on a new shipment of envelopes and then I can get everything packaged up and safely stored some place other than on the bed!

Paper chaos


  1. Melissa: This is soooooooooo cool to see! Is all this stuff that's on the bed already spoken for? I am hoping to win, win, win and to buy, buy, buy! In fact, I'm going off right now to see if I can find your stuff (on etsy?). Your friend, Sandy

  2. I do have an Etsy shop, but it's currently closed as we undergo a little "renovation" and develop and print a bunch of new products, some of which are shown on the bed. I also sent a file off yesterday for some plates for several new items, which I'll be printing starting next week.

    I hope to have my Etsy shop back open next week, and I'll be celebrating by having some extra special giveaways and good deals. Yay!

  3. Okay, that would explain why I couldn't find it, although I thought I had seen it before. In that case, while I wait for it to reopen, I'm going to get myself on over to Monday's give-away post so that I can enter, enter, enter! XO, Sandy

  4. are you doing any printing of the mixing? like laying paper on the top and peeling it back? might be fun? :)

  5. The ink is so thick I'm not sure how well that would work. But it might be fun to use a small roller to ink the plates by hand and then print that way and see how well the swirled colors hold up. I might have to experiment with that one of these days.

  6. Those colors are just lovely, Melissa -- I, too, get all wrapped up in the beauty of the process sometimes when I'm creating! I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful deer gift tags and let you know I blogged about them today!

  7. The ink mixing looks so neat! Wow.. that is a ton of stuff! You go girl :)

  8. The dark blues in your Aegean mix are absolutely gorgeous, and I love all the stuff on your bed. :) I think at times our living room looks like that...

  9. I love the Sweet Pea color! So pretty!


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