Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Elephants and beavers and slackers. Oh, my!

So the other day I flapped my big mouth and told you that I was going to print two colors in one day. I did manage to print the elephants and beavers in mandarin. But I ran out of time to print the rhinoceros and dachsund in blue. It was such a nice afternoon that I decided to go to Roice Hurst to walk some dogs. And although I didn't get to print a wiener dog in blue, I did walk a Blue Heeler named Blue. Does that count? ;)

Blue is super cute and so sweet. He went berserk every time I'd scratch his ears or give him a cookie. His tail was going so fast I thought it might fall off, and he'd get all wiggly and was barely able to control himself. He must be fairly new, so his picture isn't available yet.

Back to the elephants and beavers. These are the two new critters. I had thought the elephant would be the cutest, but I'm still thinking that the bunny and giraffe are my favorites. Which critters are your favorites?

Beaver in mandarin

Elephant in mandarin

I promise that I'll be printing the rhino and dachsund today!


  1. we will allow the dog walking, totally! i still bet my fav will be the elusive wiener dog. BUT I LOVE THEM ALLLLLL!!!!


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