Friday, December 4, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (everywhere but here)

I've been so busy printing that I haven't done any decorating for Christmas this year. We don't even have our tree yet. I have to do a lot of printing this weekend to restock some things (especially some of the critter cards. If you haven't already, be sure to enter the giveaway by noon EST today for your chance to win 20 of them!). But maybe this weekend the husband and I will at least get a tree. Now to find the time to decorate it...

But I have been thinking about decorating. A lot. I've seen so many beautiful things out here in blogland.

I can't get enough of these vintage glass jar snow domes by Anthropologie, via sfgirlbybay. I'm putting it on my list for next year to try to make some of these using some of my vintage blue glass ball mason jars.

Love the colors and details in these Moroccan tassles by A Creative Mint found via Amanda Fuller Designs.

The advent calendar garland by A Creative Mint is also a great idea.

For days now I've been drooling over this paper wreath by Ink and Paper that was recently featured on Paper Crave. Isn't it absolutely gorgeous? I love everything. about. it. Seeing the gorgeous paper filigree work by Ann over at All Things Paper has inspired me to try my hand at quilling, and seeing this wreath just reinforces that idea! It's on the list for next year, too!


  1. the wreath does nothing for me nor the tassles. BUT the jars.... O.M.Goodness they are amazing! ideas are floating in my nugget as we speak! :)

    hope you do better than the oregon couple that went out after a tree this past week. your hubby hopefully has better sense of direction. :)

  2. Oh, I know! That poor couple. We talked about getting a permit to go get our own tree, but with everything else we have to do I think we might end up just buying one.

    Yesterday I looked for some that were live and potted but could only find a few that were about 1' tall. :(

  3. Oh...To the Oregon couple. And do me a favor...Don't get a permit. (says I who knows nothing of permits...but sounds scary as I read about the Oregon couple!)

    AND...most importantly...Don't stress...this is still early. Blog reading does that to ya. My dad's family(in the outer reaches of Canada) used to wake up to a tree decorated Christmas morning. I always thought that wa amazing...and would love to do it to.

    We won't be getting a tree until after the 15th when the hubs comes home from a business trip to you are ahead of us!

  4. awww, thanks so much for the link love and wow, a beautiful post all round, and what a gorgeous wreath! Not just the quilling (you might have guessed I'd be partial to that part :-)) but all of the paper elements... such a lot of work went into it. Love how it looks against the blue door too.


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