Monday, January 4, 2010

Death of a snowman

I don't remember the last time I built a snowman. It's probably been at least 20 years.

About a month ago, the husband got an email with a series of Calvin and Hobbes cartoons related to snowmen. I laughed the hardest at one of a swimming snowman being chased by a shark, and decided I had to make one this year.

My parents got about 8 inches of snow the day before we arrived, so on the first day of the new year I set out to create my snowman.

Snowman 006

I carefully placed some branches for his swimming arms and some coal for his eyes. I used a small plant pot for his mouth. But I ran into some trouble when it came to his nose. The only carrots my mom had were those small baby carrots. I put one in place but it just didn't look right.

Snowman 001

I went back into the house to look for something more suitable. While I was gone, one of the dogs ate the carrot! So I decided to use another piece of coal as a temporary nose.

Snowman 003

On Saturday we drove into town to run some errands, and I made a point of buying a proper carrot for his nose. I was so excited when we got home. I walked down to the snowman, carrot in one hand and camera in the other. And then, much to my horror, I found this.

Snowman 009

SOMEONE DROVE OVER MY SNOWMAN! And that someone just happened to be my dad! He tried to deny responsibility, but there's no doubt that these are the tire tracks of a dodge truck. Argh!! The husband suggested that we could fix him, but so much snow had melted that I thought he was beyond repair. So now I'm stuck waiting for the next big snow so I can finish my masterpiece.

I hope you all had a great New Years. Thanks to everyone for their nice comments on Mac. The barn sure seems empty without him.

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  1. It is a Calvin ending for the swimming snowman for sure. I have most of C&H books and he would have loved this ending.....just sayin. :) an PS I have made some of his snowmen before. I LOVE Calvin!!!


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