Friday, March 5, 2010

Things to do in 2010: A progress report

I was thinking this morning about the progress I've already made on my list of things to do this year. I have a list of things to specifically accomplish because I do much better if I can check things off a list rather than trying to maintain some vague resolution.

There is something about checking an item off a list that makes me so, so happy.

So here's where I'm at right now, just two full months into the year:

1. Eat a greater variety of food. I listed 10 specific foods to try. I've tried 6 of them so far: bread/pastries from scratch, fish other than salmon, buffalo, turnips, rutabagas, and quinoa. I tried this recipe for smashed rutabagas with ginger roasted pears. I didn't really care for the addition of thyme to it. The smashed rutabagas were pretty good on their own, and I could eat a bucket full of ginger roasted pears. I also included some turnips with a buffalo chuck roast I made. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. The buffalo was actually surprisingly good! It was mixed with so many other flavors, though. So the other night I prepared a buffalo rib steak with this Moroccan Beef rub from Dean and Deluca.

Wow! It was really good. If I didn't know it was buffalo I never would have guessed that it wasn't beef. And it was much more tender than the husband and I expected. I've also made some cinnamon rolls from scratch, tried a recipe for cod that was an abysmal failure, and a recipe for breakfast quinoa with blueberries that was good but a little too earthy for a breakfast in my opinon. So I'm feeling pretty good with my progress on this one.

2. Landscaping. I'm working on the plans for it. The husband is afraid. Very, very afraid.

3. Terrarium. On hold for the moment while I tend to #2.

4. Clean and maintain organization in the studio. I've had a small setback recently in this area. It's on the list of things to tackle this weekend.

5. Learn to sew and quill. These are on the list for this fall!

6. Give up soda. This should be number 1. Not only did I manage to give it up, but I have stayed straight and true. But this summer will be hard. I hate drinking hot coffee on summer mornings, and the thought of an iced coffee makes my stomach turn. Summer mornings without a cold diet coke will be a real challenge for me!

7. Take better care of my garden. I'm really making an effort in this department! I'm starting my next group of seeds today, and I'm attending all the gardening classes I can. I still need to write up all my notes, so next week look for a more complete post about the beauty and joy of composting and soil preparation. And I'll also have a new tutorial for something even more fun than making seed pots out of toilet paper rolls! (Hint: It will serve double-duty as a great chocolate-free present for Easter!)

8. Knit baby hats to donate to needy mothers. First I took a refresher knitting course, then I learned to make a big hat. This week I completed my first baby hat! The color of yarn I used is called cucumber. I bought more than double the yarn that I needed, so now I think I need to take another class so I can make some matching baby booties!

Baby hat

How are all of you doing on your 2010 resolutions and goals?


  1. Congratulations on doing so well with your 'List'. Being from the UK, I'd never heard of a Rutabaga so I've just googled it (of course) and now I know that over here we'd know it as a Swede.
    I've always fancied trying Buffalo, but I can't say that I've ever seen it on a menu (or in a butchers) I've been to.
    I love the fact that you've taken up knitting in order to help out needy mothers - how extremely generous of you.

  2. That hat is absolutely adorable! How do you get them to the needy mothers?

    If you're considering trying other non-salmon fish, I'd recommend arctic char, sablefish (which is a type of cod?), or halibut. All white fish, and delicious. Just broil it with a bit of butter, a sprig of fresh dill, and some fresh lemon juice. Yum.

    My resolution for this year is to make more gifts instead of buying them--but so far I am 0/2. I'm hoping to buy my own sewing machine this month, though, so maybe I will do better!

  3. Quilling is fun and super easy! Also try iced tea in the morning instead. I like a green tea iced tea with ginger in the summer! I've got some super easy patterns for baby booties, but they're easy to find on the donation sites too. You could also try the Knits for Needs group on Ravelry :-D

  4. Thanks so much for the suggestions for the fish (which really sounds good!) and the iced tea.

    And thanks for the hot tip about the Knits for Needs!

    I know several Ob/Gyns and midwives who travel to hospitals in developing countries, so I may talk to them about the possibility of sending some baby hats with them on their trips to distribute to the women they meet. I also happen to know of a fellow blogger in Florida who works with young mothers, and as soon as I have enough hats made I may send some her way to distribute as well. :D


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