Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring is doing its thing

I won't say it's officially here, because we have another storm moving in tonight and with my luck that means snow. But there's no doubt that spring is finally starting to do its thing.

The miniature wildflower tulips are starting to make their appearance. The yellow and white ones are on stalks only about 1 inch tall!

Miniature wildflower tulips

Miniature wildflower tulips

Even the terracotta garden bunny is out sunning himself these days.

Garden bunny

The first daffodil of the year is here in all its golden glory.

First daffodil of spring

The apricot tree is almost done doing its thing.

Apricot blossom

The plum trees really got their groove on.

Plum blossoms

And the cherry trees are just starting their warmup exercises.

Cherry blossoms

The snow somewhere above us is melting, and Sadie Bug finds the rising creek pretty irresistible on most days.

Rising creek

Even the bees are out and about today.

Bee on plum blossoms

Spring has also hit me pretty good lately, and I am 100% in spring cleaning mode. First up was clearing out our workshop over the weekend, getting rid of lots of big stuff on Craigslist (man, I love Craigslist!). This week I am cleaning and organizing lots of the smaller stuff for the mother of all yard sales this weekend (I hope it doesn't rain!). The husband and I have talked about having a yard sale to sell all our excess JUNK and CLUTTER for about two years. And now the time is upon us because we have to empty out the back half of the workshop in preparation for something so big and exciting I can hardly stand it. Boy, oh boy, do I hope to have some news about this to share with you soon!

I hope spring has sprung at your house!

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  1. Beautiful pics and I envy your being able to look out at all that open space. I think I would enjoy not having neighbors so close they can see into my kitchen, even though they are great people! I'm SO curious about your news. :-)


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