Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Great Wall of Palisade

Construction has begun on the Great Wall of Palisade.

Great wall of Palisade1

I sent these photos to my mom to show her my progress, and her response was, um, less than enthusiastic.

Great wall of Palisade2

I believe she said something along the lines of, "That's it?" I guess in our phone conversations I had hyped up my progress a little too much. But I reminded her that even the Great Wall of China started with just a few stones.

And when I get done with it, all of the rock you see here on these four pallets will be stacked up neatly in a little retaining wall in my backyard, with lots of gorgeous plants and flowers tucked in all the cracks and crevices.

Pallets of moss rock

The two large rocks you see in the top photos will serve as steps up to the area at the top of the rock wall, which will have a flagstone path winding through it and lots of gorgeous plants like these, which I gleefully purchased on Sunday.


The backyard will have a Mediterranean-inspired color palette: Lots of silvery-gray greens and blues like artemesia, lamb's ear, and elijah blue fescue; several shades of pinks from primrose, stone crop, wooly thyme, speedwell, gaillardia, ice plant, and probably several varieties of agastache and penstemon; purples from veronica, corsican violets, speedwell, catmint, ice plant, russian sage and penstemon to name a few; and a splash of white from groundcovers like snow in summer.

My plan at the moment is to have the rock wall finished by the middle of this month, just in time for my mom to come. She's coming for a visit, and I plan to get as much work out of her as I can! When we aren't finishing the tile in the house, we'll be outside working on the landscaping. She's pretty excited about that (the landscaping part, not the tile part. She, like me, has lost all enthusiasm for projects that involve tile!).

It is true that I have plants in my DNA because of her. That's what I tell the husband. I can't help it if I went to the nursery and bought all these new plants when I already have all sorts of plants. It's a defective gene that I inherited from my mother.


  1. Nothing like putting the cart before the horse or the plants before the wall, but knowing how determined you are, I'm sure you'll get it built before the plants outgrow their pots! (now if it was me and my husband, the story would end very differently :-)) The color scheme sounds really beautiful.

  2. hey two stones are better than none! and look into steppables, they grow well in missouri and are really cute. not sure if they grow there although there are a bunch of different types!


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