Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Sadie is annoyed this morning.

She's annoyed because we haven't gone for our walk at the park yet because I had to finish up a work project by 10 in the morning (for a client I affectionately refer to as my "brain tumor" because her writing is so, SO bad that it physically makes my brain hurt).

How do I know that Sadie is annoyed?

First, she sat on the side of me, under the window, with her grubby little body leaning up against the wall. She avoided all eye contact but continued to shift her weight and lift up alternating front paws, just so I would know that she was there.


Then she pretended that she didn't care that we weren't on our walk, because she's just sooo interested at looking at something right now. I guess I'm not supposed to realize that she is just staring blankly at the side of the guest bed.


Then she stared at one of her many beds in the house that I keep behind my desk chair. I believe at this point I heard at least one very dramatic sigh.


Then she slowly lowered herself onto her bed, grumbling the whole time about how she was sure that her buddies Gator, Abby, and the Other Sadie were already at the park playing without her.


Finally realizing that the drama wasn't getting her anywhere, she perked up her ears and gave me the first bit of eye contact in the last 10 minutes and asked, "Are you done with that blog post yet?"


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