Thursday, June 17, 2010

Inner peace, Sadie Bug style

I think Sadie enjoyed this little vacation as much, if not more, than the rest of us.

She had her fill of fun on the beach, from chasing the frisbee

Lake Powell 2010 055

to hunting lizards in the brush and fish in the shallow water (quite unsuccessfully).

Lake Powell 2010 048

She also did her part as lookout,

Lake Powell 2010 183

from watching for hidden rocks and sand bars just below the surface

Lake Powell 2010 245

Lake Powell 2010 238

Lake Powell 2010 241

to helping the captain guide the ship.

Lake Powell 2010 287

But this dog can teach us a thing or two about the joy of letting the breeze blow through your hair (or ears)

Lake Powell 2010 228

and how to properly relax...

Lake Powell 2010 231

Lake Powell 2010 063

Lake Powell 2010 175


  1. oh she is one lucky gal! she is soooooooo photogenic too!

  2. This is my favoritest post in the bloggyverse of the whole week! I feel more tranquil just looking at Sadie being all tranquil! :-) Namaste Lovely Sadie!

  3. Skipper Sophie! Love her!

    But must admit...those first few pics...I did say to self...Beach? Thats a beach...really really?

    Then I did see the water! And who knew that Weimeramers (sp) were such water babes?!

  4. The "beach" on the first day was particularly rough, but not bad considering it all used to be part of some big sandstone cliff. But the sand at the beach where we stayed the last two days had pretty soft sand that you could really sink your toes into (though nothing like Florida sand, I'm sure! ;)

  5. Your do is so cute :) I especially love the boat pics :) Hope all is well with you!


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