Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More stuff growing in the garden

Despite their slow start because of an unusually long and cold spring, several of the plants in the garden are really starting to grow!

The first green tomatoes have appeared on my stupice tomato plants, which are still covered by the fuzzy snow of the cottonwood seeds.


I'm trying my hand at growing melons again this year, and this is the first blossom on my Ambrosia melon.


I also planted several Honey Bear acorn squash this year.


I tried one plant last year but while I was gone in July an army of squash bugs moved in and I struggled to get two small squash to live long enough to harvest. They were the most amazingly good things I've eaten in a long time, so this year I have about 5 plants and I am super vigilant about checking for squash bugs every day. If you like acorn squash, I highly recommend this variety, which I got from Territorial Seed Company!

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