Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Last night after dinner, the husband disappeared. After about an hour, I went looking for him and found him out in the workshop, putting my ginormous Paragon paper cutter back together.

I got this paper cutter for free about two years ago. We drove to Denver to pick up some type, type cabinets, and miscellaneous letterpress stuff that a guy was selling for dirt cheap. While I was there he asked if I wanted the paper cutter and--never one to turn down free cast iron--I immediately said yes. I think the husband cussed the whole way home after loading the beast into our truck.


The paper cutter came in bits and pieces. We unloaded those bits and pieces into the workshop, and there they've sat for the past two years, collecting dust and cobwebs.


But now that I have a brand new space that can accommodate such a beast, it's finally been put back together. I can't wait to clean it off and give it a fresh coat of paint. I think it will fit in well with its other cast iron cousins!


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