Friday, December 3, 2010

Business cards for Angela's Pinstriping

Finally! One more project cleared out of the nest!

I happen to have a friend (the one who thinks Bob looks like a flying monkey) who is one of the best pinstripers this side of the Mississippi. Ages ago I traded her some letterpress printed business cards in exchange for her doing some pinstriping on my press (just as soon as I make up my mind what I want!).

Gigi's cards1_r

The original business cards I did for her this spring were printed on chipboard, and for this second round of cards, we printed them on white and ivory 110lb cotton paper. I actually printed these suckers months ago to make sure she has some on hand while I'm unable to print this winter, but then they got lost in the chaos of the guest bedroom. I finally found them and the other night I trimmed them down to their final size.

Gigi's cards3_r

I'll be delivering them to her tonight at the opening of the newest show at the gallery where she's showing some of her work.

Gigi's cards2_r

If you want some letterpress stuff to call your own, don't forget about my Cyber Monday offer for FREE letterpress gift tags. Thanks to all the people who have already contacted me to get their share of the goods. It's nice to know there are so many letterpress lovers out there! :)


  1. Stellar business cards! You're probably not a bit surprised I would be crazy about the scrolled flourishes. Would love to see pics of Angela's work sometime.

  2. LOVE those. It is official, I will be comissioning you when all the hub bub of new Goober slows down, to make some cards for me. If you can.

    You are GOOD!

  3. Business cards for Angela's Pinstriping are Amazing so nice its looking great.
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  4. Beautiful!! I might need to talk to you about more! But possibly a new logo....if possible! I love the printer press look! If you have time post this to my blog,!


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