Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hiya, hoya

Moments ago I walked past Sadie's food bowl and noticed a sweet smell. "That's odd," I thought.

Then I realized that my hoya, which is sitting on the shelf above her bowl, is blooming. Sadie likes to think that she's the most neglected thing around here since Lachlan arrived, but in reality my houseplants are the ones at the bottom of the totem pole. And this poor hoya has had more than its fair share of neglect. It's been moved around from place to place, with no permanent home, since 2008. Yet it hangs in there and every now and then it throws a guilt trip my way by producing a mass of the most gorgeous little flowers with the sweetest smell.

Hoya 1

Every time I see these flowers I marvel at how gorgeous they are and how they look like they're made of plastic because they're so perfect.

Hoya 2

And then I feel bad for not watering the plant for the last month...

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  1. Yes, the centers sure do look just like plastic and the petals, like little, fuzzy bathrobes. Plants are just incredible.


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