Monday, March 28, 2011

Real estate and letterpress

What do real estate and letterpress printing have to do with each other? Well, because my letterpress equipment and supplies are currently taking up space on the husband's side of the workshop, the price of real estate becomes a hot topic of discussion and there isn't a lot of room for negotiation as far as rental fees go...

Because I have a good excuse for not being much use out in the workshop lately (thanks, Lachlan!), the husband volunteered to basically move almost everything out of my studio over the weekend so that we could reorganize the space to make room for my newest press. (Isn't he a nice husband? I guess he really wants the space back for the new plasma cutter he's been talking about buying...)

We moved the new press in along the wall where my other two presses are. I now have a momma, a daddy, and a baby Chandler and Price press!



The big paper cutter moved to the other side of the space, adjacent to my cabinets where I store all of my paper. The husband redid the pegboard over the cabinets and installed some shelves to hold all of my envelopes. Above that is another shelf for empty boxes, packing peanuts, and other shipping supplies. Yesterday afternoon during Lachlan's nap I was able to start moving some stuff back in. Now I just need to find the time to organize it all!


On the far back wall, one of my wood type cabinets has been moved back inside. It will soon be joined by my two new metal type cabinets, just as soon as I get a chance to repaint them. It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have an update on that project soon! I'm in a hurry to get them back in place because there are lots and lots and lots of cases of type taking up valuable real estate over on the husband's side, and I've heard rumors that the rent on that space goes up on April 1...


  1. Good progress! Curiosity is killing this cat... what does the sign say under No Sniveling?

  2. That's funny that you noticed the sign, Ann. My mom didn't even get all the way through reading the blog before she called to say she saw the sign, too! The bottom of the sign says JJ's Cantina, Cholla Bay Mexico. I got it back in the early 1990s when I went there with my dad (a fighter pilot) while he was in Phoenix upgrading to the F-16. We rented a car and drove down there and stayed in a house in "Millionaire's row" right on the beach. But don't let the name fool you. Our particular house was more like a "Quarter of a millionaire's row" kind of joint, but it was great anyway. In fact, that trip was my first time to ever see an ocean! Ah, memories! :)

  3. Wow! Looking sharp, those presses are beauties! for each member of the family.

  4. Glad I asked. :) Sounds like a fun time.


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