Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snow day

We woke up this morning to a bit of snow. This made Sadie happy. She loves shoveling the snow with her nose.

Sadie shoveling snow

Sadie shoveling snow

And it's a good thing we didn't get more than an inch or two of snow, or these tiny miniature wildflower iris would have been buried!

Miniature wildflower iris

I think Lachlan, Sadie and I will spend the rest of the day inside by the woodburning stove!


  1. Aww, look at Sadie's snowy nose and those dear little irises. I have a few of those, but they haven't braved the chill yet. I "think" they're called reticulata (ai ae? 2 years of Latin wasted), but I could be very wrong. Just kind of like the sound of the word, so that's why it stuck. :)


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