Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bulk envelopes

I have a lot of things in mind for my Etsy shop this spring. It's just taking some time to get things done, seeing how I can only work on it for small bits of time each day. First up is something I've been planning for awhile: offering colored envelopes and flat cards for sale in bulk quantities.

I've started with the envelopes, and I'll be offering them in packages of 24 in assorted colors. There are three colors for each package (8 envelopes of each color), but I can swap the colors around if someone has a need for a particular color(s).

Preppy stack_e

These are great for people who like to make their own cards or who want to dress up their regular mail. And just between you and me, these are the same envelopes sold by a major paper retailer but at a lower cost (because I like you. :). You can find them in my Etsy shop here.

Open water stack_e

The envelopes are A2 size and hold one-quarter of a sheet of paper (4.25x5.5 inches) or half a sheet of paper folded in half.

Jewel tone stack_e

I also have some A6 envelopes leftover from various projects that I'll be offering at clearance prices, in case anyone has a particular need for these. They'll go in the shop in the coming days.

I'll also be adding the bulk flat cards just as soon as I get time to get them cut, packaged, photographed, etc...

I have a few other things in the queue that I'll tell you about soon! Hint: Think pretty envelopes and new letterpress goodies! Oh, and I'll be having a little giveaway very, very soon. :D

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  1. Love the blues & turquoise package combo!


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