Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy birthday, Bug Bug

Happy Birthday to Sadie Bug! Well, her birthday was actually last month, but please don't tell her. She's already ignored so much now that Lachlan is here, I don't think her fragile emotional state could handle knowing I'm a little late with her present this year.

To celebrate Bug's fourth year, I bought her a new collar and some new ID tags.

The collar is from 3pooches on Etsy and I LOVE it. It's even more gorgeous in person, and even prettier than the last collar I got from them. You can get your own fancy collar like this, in a pattern called Violet, right here.

Sadie's new collar

Sadie also got two new ID tags. Because she spends some time in NM when I go to visit her grammy and Grandpa Jack, I got her one tag with their phone number and one with mine. I got these tags from the Etsy seller the Copper Poppy. They are hand-stamped aluminum and so pretty in person! These two tags are the Bella and the Perla (a listing for the Perla wasn't available at the time of this post).

Sadies new tag1

Sadie's new tag2

Now I'd better get going on that doggie birthday cake...


  1. Those colors are so nice against Sadie's silvery coat! Cute tags too. I think Otto could use something similar. :) Happy Birthday to the Bug!

  2. lucky, lucky golden eyed girl! Happy Birthday to you...

    Kisses from the big black dog....who ALSO had a birthday in April!!


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