Thursday, July 14, 2011


If you've ever wanted to get your hands on some letterpress goodies, here's your chance to do it and get a screaming good deal in the process. I'm running a deal on Heartsy. I was going to tell you about it yesterday but was quickly overwhelmed with orders! If you want a voucher, please hurry. They're almost all gone.

These grab bags are turning out to be really popular with the Heartsy crowd. Lachlan hangs out on the bed and helps me package them up.


  1. Oh no! I get off the internet for a few days and I miss this! Never again will I leave my computer, even while traveling. Glad this was such a success though!

  2. Thanks for the intro to Heartsy! Is it completely crazy that I'm suddenly enthused about Christmas shopping?

  3. Isn't Heartsy amazing?? The deals you can get on there are amazing, and it's such a great way to find new and new-to-you shops! I've already bought several vouchers and can't wait to go shopping. And I totally agree about the Christmas shopping! I'm already planning to do another Heartsy deal in the fall. Hopefully next time they'll give me more notice before they run my deal and I can give everyone more notice that the deal is coming. :)


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