Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lachlan's Bumblebee

Have any of you seen the Transformers movies? In them, the main character has a yellow Camaro Transformer named Bumblebee that watches over and protects him. The car started out life in the first movie as a beat up hunk of junk at a used car lot.

I was lucky (?) enough to see the third Transformer movie with the husband last weekend. In honor of the event, which the husband has been looking forward to for months, we drove the husband's old car.

He's had the car since high school, and it hasn't had a lot of love in recent years. It's been mostly sitting around. Its only job in life has been to attract passer-bys who immediately identify it as a 1967 Camaro. During the summer, when there is a lot of traffic on the road in front of our house, I get visits nearly every day from people looking to buy it, hoping like crazy that I don't know the value of the car.

But I do know the value, and I told the husband a few years ago that as soon as we finished remodeling the house, he could work on restoring the car. He's been busy with work, so he hasn't been able to do much with the car other than consult with our neighbor (who has restored two old cars) on just how crazy he can get with the restoration.

Just last week he finally renewed its registration, so we drove it to see the movie. Parked at the far end of the parking lot was a brand new silver Camaro, so we both got a good laugh by parking right next to it.

Camaros (1)

Camaros (2)

The husband's work schedule is pretty hectic for the next few months, but I'm anxious for him to get the restoration underway. I love joking with him that he needs to get the car restored so that we can give it to Lachlan when he turns 16. You should see how quickly the color drains out of his face when I mention that!

Too bad the car is already registered. I think we should have gotten a license plate for it that says LCHLNS. Ha!


  1. Oh great idea about the license plate - that would definitely cause some head scratching. :) The car sure looks nice and shiny to me, and it runs too - I'm impressed!

  2. Oh, no. The car is actually far from nice and shiny, poor thing. I think it just helps that the photo was taken from a distance! :)


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