Monday, October 3, 2011

Back to the future

Realizing that there is more to this world than what he can see while crawling on the floor, Lachlan has figured out how to push this little music table so that he can walk around the house. Every time I watch this video, I can't help but laugh out loud. He looks like a little old man pushing his walker around! And I just love that little bounce he does at the beginning.

In other news, posting will be light again this week. I'm busy printing like a crazy lady, trying to get ready for my next Heartsy deal that will be running soon, maybe even by the end of this week! I'll let you know once the date is set.


  1. Aww, so sweet! The dance is adorable and how about that proud smile at the end?!

  2. It sounds so cute! ... but the Vimeo video screen is now just a plain black and white square that says "no mobile version" ... so it cannot be opened or viewed. But I've got a great imagination. ;)
    (I'm back after being away for a few weeks. Yahoo!)

  3. Hey everyone, help Melissa out!
    She still needs more people to vote for her letterpress cards on a site called
    *Go to the site. At the top menu, click on "pick deals"
    *Just vote on each thing your see. Be patient - you might have to click/vote your way through a whole lot of items before you get to the cards:
    *When you get to pictures of Melissa's cards (a bright green "hello", & a salmon-colored fox), vote by clicking the top box "yes, definitely".
    ***When she gets enough votes, then her cards will become one of the "deals of the day" & she will get a lot of publicity on that site and exposure to new potential customers. Usually, a voucher can be purchased that is worth a lot more than it cost and used to purchase the goods (cards).
    *Anyone can make this purchase, but first Melissa's cards and company have to be chosen by getting a lot of "yes, definitely" votes.
    *By voting this way there is absolutely no obligation to buy later on your part.
    *Help her out ... we all know her cards are wonderful & unique!!!

  4. It's DJ Lachlan!!! He's adorable


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