Monday, November 14, 2011

Paper and Present

Well, I've been talking about it for long enough, so here it is: my other, other Etsy shop, Paper and Present.

For as long as I can remember I have loooved packaging supplies -- stickers, little bags, fancy doo-dads to dress up packages, pretty ribbons and strings, pretty tissue paper, etc. And I'm in love with the new trend of kraft paper and baker's twine!

After Lachlan was born I found it difficult to keep up with my letterpress printing. The presses are out in the workshop in an environment that isn't exactly practical for an infant, let alone a toddler. So I put a lot of my big plans for my letterpress shop (like wedding invitations) on hold for now and decided to limit my offerings to things that I could easily print in just an hour or two while the baby sitter or the husband is available.

But I'm the kind of person who is just itching to be doing something all the time, and my letterpress shop gave me the Etsy bug.

I wanted to do something at least a little creative but I needed to be able to do it while standing at my kitchen counter where I can keep an eye on Lachlan (and that I can easily put down to go play with him). I did a lot of soul searching and came up with the idea to try selling packaging and gift wrap supplies. I started small, just selling colored envelopes and stickers that I already stocked for my letterpress shop. I slowly added things a little at a time as more people discovered my shop. And as I mentioned in a previous post, this new shop is even busier than my letterpress shop!

Things are getting busy now as people gear up for holiday gift-giving. I have my shop almost completely stocked with items (even some letterpress goods!). I have just a few more things to add in the next few days. I have a Heartsy deal ($10 for $20 store credit) for the shop coming up very soon (I'll let you know when), but this deal will be limited to 50 vouchers and will be for VIPs only.

But all you lovely blog readers are VIPs to me! So I'd like to offer you the same deal, only better! Between now and November 26, you can purchase whatever you want from the shop for 50% off! And there is no $20 limit to hold you back, so feel free to go hog wild. Just use coupon code "Handwork" when you check out. I have plenty of almost everything (a few letterpress items are limited), so if something is sold out and you can't live without it, let me know and I'll get more into the shop for you.

Happy shopping! :D


  1. Oh wow! Just checked out that shop last week...what a fantastic offering of papers, tags,stickers, string/twine and printed pillow-gift-envelopes/boxes! I really like the old "Christmas Greetings" heirloom metal stamp that you used for tags and gift pillows ... red on kraft board is fabulous! ...any chance of also using that for Christmas cards?
    (That stamp was featured in an older blog.)
    Congratulations on the success of another great shop & site!!!

  2. Congratulations on the new shop - everything looks beautiful!

  3. Congratulations! If I was at all adept at putting together pretty packages (I consider it a great accomplishment if I manage to make a gift wrapped box look better than something a toddler did) this would be a serious temptation.


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