Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Before taking on any project, it's important to estimate how much time it will take and decide whether you can realistically complete the project in the time given.

I thought I had it all worked out to sponsor a big wedding industry event in Californa that involved producing 100 goodie bags for attendees. But then the Heartsy deal happened, and I got stuck finishing the new space out in our workshop, and my computer died, and then I had to set up a new computer. And in between I was chasing Lachlan around. All I can say is that I really owe my mom for being here for the last 3 weeks. Especially because she stayed up until 2 in the morning helping me custom stain some wood tags and clothespins and wood filler for the bags (that almost caught our gas stove on fire, but that's a story for another day...) so that I could ship them in time to arrive in California by Friday.

Mom's are the best!!!!

Here's a glimpse of one of the bags. I'll give you more details on it once the event happens. :D

Goodie bags

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