Friday, April 13, 2012


This week they planted the new trees in the orchard behind us. They'll be peach trees eventually. Right now they are tiny twigs that you probably can't even see in this photo.

It's amazing to see how fruit is grown commercially, and it's mind-boggling that anyone can even afford to buy peaches. They are so labor intensive to grow, it's ridiculous. From pruning the trees each spring to hand picking blossoms to remove all but a few on each branch, they keep the workers pretty busy.

These trees had been about 2 feet taller with multiple branches on them when they were first planted. Then an army of men armed with pruners descended upon them yesterday, cutting off the main center stalk about two feet off the ground. They'll leave just two or three main branches that don't get more than 5 or 6 feet off the ground, which makes it easier to prune the tree and pick the fruit without having to drag a ladder around.

And on a positive note, I met the guy who is managing the orchard who piled the rocks behind our house (which they moved last Saturday). I saw him working over there earlier this week so I took Lachlan and we walked over there. I figured he wouldn't dare hit a woman holding a baby. Ha! He turned out to be quite nice and he apologized several times for being "belligerent" (his exact word). We agreed that it was all a result of him misunderstanding me and being overly sensitive based on past problems he's had with neighbors. I insisted that he take some money for the time it took for his guys to move the rocks (it took four guys four hours to do it), which I think he really appreciated. So, it's all good, and hopefully I can count on getting a bushel of peaches from him once the trees mature. :) 


  1. Yeah...we are surrounded by citrus growers...Amazing indeed.

  2. I'm behind on post reading, so am very delighted to hear the problem was solved before I even knew about it. :) Mmm, peaches!


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