Friday, May 18, 2012

The before: Chicken coop and day lilies

This space on the side of the chicken coop has been bugging me for more than two years.

day lilies and chicken house (1)

I planted day lilies on the side of the girls' house, and they do great in the spring because they get all the rain that runs off of the roof of the chicken coop. Then we hit the dry season and I have to water them, but the water runs everywhere but where it needs to be and I end up with more weeds than flowers.

day lilies and chicken house (4)

For years I have planned to build a small rock border around it to hold in the water; it's a great use for some odds and ends rocks left over from the rock wall I built at the front of the house several years ago. Two years ago I was too busy with the backyard to work on it, and last year I was too busy with Lachlan to work on it. And so this pile of rocks has been sitting there for years, which is really quite embarrassing when I think about it.

day lilies and chicken house (3)

But this year Lachlan LOVES to be outside, so I am finally getting to all the unfinished projects outside. And this weekend, this is my project. I am going to finish the little border around the flowers, and if it doesn't rain (the skies sure look grey!) I'm finally (!) going to paint the trim around the chickens' door. If I don't have great "after" photos by early next week, please feel free to leave a comment chewing me out. :)

day lilies and chicken house (2)

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  1. Holding you to it. :) Wish I could send you some of our weather this weekend. It's perfect for painting or anything!


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