Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy mother's day (a little late)

A belated happy mother's day to all the wonderful moms out there, including my own awesome mom! Things are unusually crazy here at the moment. The shops continue to be busy (!) and the little man Lachlan continues to be busy (busy, busy, busy!), which means I am really busy. (Yes, I just wrote "busy" six times in that last sentence...) And now there is an added layer of craziness that I'll tell you about in another two weeks or so, once a few things are finalized.

But I did get to take a few days off when one of my very best friends in the whole wide world, Becky, came from Baltimore to visit me for a few days. We drank wine and margaritas and ate chips and chile con queso like it was going out of style. And it was awesome!

Becky still works at Jhpiego (that's where we first met), and right before she left, she showed me this video that she co-produced. And although it is a day late, I thought you might still like to see it. I hope all of the moms out there had a wonderful day yesterday. And for the women out there who help women to become moms, I hope you had a particularly wonderful day.

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