Thursday, July 5, 2012


Hello? Is anyone still there? It's me. I know I've been quiet for awhile. Again. I am back to just treading water, keeping up with the must-dos, and sadly that means that blogging is on the back burner.

Here's what I did last night and this morning. Only 18 orders (it was a slow day because of the holiday yesterday), but many of them were big. I can only pack orders when Lachlan sleeps and naps, so it takes up the majority of my free time. I am rushing to do this blog post before he wakes up from his morning nap!

Another day at the office...

I did finally get some time yesterday to work on some new product development: some new packaging kits in various color schemes. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out! Now if only I could find the time to photograph them and get them into the shop...

In other news, we are still on the hunt for a house. I found two I really liked. One can't be insured because it is built with a crawl space that you can't access. What? Who builds a crawl space and then doesn't provide access to it? And without insurance on the place, the bank would laugh in my face if I asked them for money. I also found an ADORABLE 1906 farmhouse in Palisade. Awesome views, a peach orchard in the back yard, and huge rooms and closets (a real surprise in a house that old), but the foundation of the house is going every which way but upright. Walking through the house was like one of those carnival houses with floors tilting in different directions. I know it can be fixed, but at a certain price and level of commitment that I just can't give it right now. It's sad, too. The house would be adorable all fixed up. So we keep looking...

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