Monday, September 24, 2012

Time warp (and a bit of printing)

I have been stuck in a time warp the last week or so. Where in the world did September go? Argh!

As you can probably guess, the shops are busy, the new house is busy (I have officially met every single person working in the county that does anything even remotely related to permitting renovations and additions!), and Lachlan is busy, all while the husband was away in Australia for 6 weeks. He is home now and I'm catching up on things, including printing a few birth announcements (all for boys and all with airplanes!).

Printing a lot of airplane birth announcements today! #letterpress #birthannouncement
More airplanes in turquoise. #letterpress #birthannouncement
Another airplane birth announcement, this time in aqua #letterpress #birthannouncement
I'm also working on a very special two-color birth announcement for a very special set of twins who are almost two weeks old now! I'll print the second color this week; I can't wait to show them to you!

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