Monday, March 30, 2009

Water features

We're planning to include a water feature once we finally get around to the landscaping in our backyard. Here are a few of my favorite ideas that I've collected.

I love the idea of water that comes right up to the house. It isn't practical for our current house, but maybe someday...

From Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects via Materialicious.

A house in Key West via Lime in the Coconut.

I also love natural looking ponds, with or without a little creek, that are lined with boulders of all sizes. I think we'll probably do something like this if we can find the time, energy, and enthusiasm.

Another photo from Key West via Lime in the Coconut.

I absolutely love this one, found on Cyndee's blog, The Journey.

This one, from Sunset, combines the patio and water feature, and the water goes under the patio. I love that.

Another stunning creation found on Sunset.

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