Monday, March 16, 2009

Wood and windows

When it comes to houses, I like so many styles. I was in love with my 1920 brick rowhouse when I lived in Baltimore, and now I could be just as happy in a restored Victorian or an old southwestern adobe.

Lately, some very simple contemporary houses have really caught my eye. I especially love the windows and the warm wood siding.

This vacation home, by Bates Masi architects via materialicious, is in New York. It has 12-inch wide cypress boards on most of the exterior and interior. It was recently renovated using recycled materials from the existing house. I love all the windows.

This is neat. This house is on an old Japanese cherry farm in the Datun mountains of North Taiwan. It was built to work with the wind, flooding, and heat conditions of the site. It is built above ground so that the flood waters can run under it. The smaller bathroom and kitchen unit help to stabilize the structure during the frequent typhoons and earthquakes. The house was also designed to capture the breeze from the Datun river and the winds that come off the reservoir pond and the farmlands. Again there is beautiful warm wood siding. I also love the freestanding fireplace and the walls of windows that swivel or prop open.

Architects Marco Casagrande and Frank Chen. Via materialicious.

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