Thursday, June 18, 2009

DIY catalog of love

My friend AJ just alerted me to this completely awesome DIY project featured on Design Sponge.

Grace Light from Poetic Home made her husband this gift to celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary. She created her own Dewey Decimal catalog cards, where the book number is replaced by milestone dates, chapters of their love take the place of book titles, and important locations take the place of publisher cities.

I love it. And I realllly love that vintage card catalog box!

See the complete DIY instructions here. And be sure to spend some time at Poetic Home--there's some great stuff on there (I'm busy drooling over the refinished horse carriage seat!).


  1. Thank you so much Melissa for your sweet feature and kind words!!

  2. This is too awesome!

    I'm a new follower to your blog as of today -- I first saw you when we both did the Cottage Charm giveaway, and I'm finally back to visit!


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