Friday, June 19, 2009

Sock retriever

Sadie's instincts tell her that she's supposed to retrieve things. Because I don't use her to hunt birds or small game, she has to find other ways to entertain this instinct. And that always seems to involve socks.

She's always bringing them to me. It doesn't matter if they're clean or dirty. If it's a sock and she can get her dainty little mouth on it, she brings it to me. She tries to act cool, like she brought it into the room and I just happened to be there.

But she always looks to me for affirmation. And of course I comply.

And then she gingerly drops it into my lap.

And then looks for more affirmation.

And of course I comply.


  1. sadie makes me smile...monte(wei,) is the exact way but with balls or anything round. always dumping them in my lap

  2. Simon was like that. OBSESSED with balls. So I made a point of keeping balls from Sadie for her first year of life. But then somewhere along the way she decided that socks are her thing. Weird-o dogs.

  3. so cute! just been looking over your blog, lots of great things here. i too fell in love with that sunset cottage, i am craving a place like that now...


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